Nodalida 2017

Thank you all for visiting Gothenburg and for attending the 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa) on 22-24 of May 2017! All together we had 184 participants (workshops + main conference) who celebrated the 40th anniversary of Nodalida. Please find the links to the videos of our keynote speakers as well as the winners of best short paper, best student paper, and best paper below.


Keynote videos

Kyunghyun Cho

Sharon Goldwater

Rada Mihalcea


Best short paper:

Will my auxiliary tagging task help? Estimating Auxiliary Tasks Effectivity in Multi-Task Learning
Johannes Bjerva


Best student paper:

OCR and post-correction of historical Finnish texts
Senka Drobac, Pekka Kauppinen and Krister Lindén


Best paper:

Joint UD Parsing of Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk
Erik Velldal, Lilja Øvrelid and Petter Hohle